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Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Asylum and Immigration Law Attorney

Our attorneys work closely with immigrants from former Soviet bloc countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Uzbekistan Azerbaijan and Georgia and others who have come to the United States and are now seeking asylum because of their religion, political opinions or sexual orientation.

Start Documenting Your Case History

The single most important factor in asylum cases is a written record to prove that you are in danger if you return to your country. Start documenting the cases of persecution immediately, including testimony from friends and relatives.

Applying for asylum is often complicated and may take a long time. There are time requirements for the application process. Your lawyer will need to work closely with immigration officials throughout the process. It often becomes particularly difficult if you are not able to show documented proof of persecution or danger. For some asylum seekers, proving persecution is often difficult. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to help you, no matter what your circumstances are.

In addition to asylum, we handle immigration law cases involving:

  • Family visas
  • Naturalization and citizenship
  • Green cards for immediate family members
  • Employment visa spouse and family authorization
  • Adoption visas

Deportation Defense

Luria & Belkin also provides aggressive defense representation for individuals and families threatened with removal. If you have been notified by the USCIS that you are scheduled for a deportation hearing, contact our offices immediately. We will work to resolve legal issues that prevent you from staying in the United States.

Contact us to learn more about applying for asylum. Our offices are located in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and we work with clients in communities throughout Ohio.