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Estate Planning

Are Your Family's Assets Protected?

Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Estate Planning Lawyers

Luria & Belkin offers a complete array of estate planning legal services designed to help you protect your assets from taxes and designate them for your family in the event of incapacity or death. We will help you understand the probate process and exactly how a will and trust can be used to preserve your legacy. For owners of family businesses, we can also help you establish a legal business succession plan that will help you keep your company out of litigation in the event of a dispute among partners or shareholders.

Clear Legal Explanations. Clear Legal Solutions.

Contact our offices to schedule a no-cost consultation about our services. We have been serving the estate planning needs of families and business owners in Northeast Ohio for more than 30 years. We know that the probate process is not always easy to understand, and we know that there is nothing "simple" about a simple will. We promise to answer your questions clearly, without intimidating you with legal jargon. After all, we're not trying to impress other attorneys. We're trying to impress you.

Our services include:

For Estate Planning and Probate Clients Living Outside of Ohio

If you are living in another state, we will explain how federal and state laws affect your parents or other family members living in Ohio. We have worked with many adult children of elderly residents and are willing to meet with your family members in the Cleveland area to discuss estate planning objectives.

Contact our offices to schedule a consultation.

We Not Only Protect Your Rights, We Explain Them!