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Family Law

Every Legal Problem Is a Family Law Problem. Call Today.

Full-Service Cleveland and Northeast Ohio Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Family law problems are never handled in a vacuum. If you are considering divorce or have encountered problems related to child custody, support or any other family law matter, you already know that your entire family is getting tied up in knots. After all, family law problems are often among the most emotional legal issues. Make sure your lawyer will answer your questions clearly, protect your interests vigorously and treat you with the individualized care you deserve.

The Right Solutions to Tough Family Law Problems for More Than 30 Years

At Luria & Belkin, we have been helping people through the emotionally tough times of divorce for more than 30 years. Our lawyers understand that fighting for your rights and best interests does not mean running up the legal fees by fighting over unimportant matters. We know what family law judges are likely to accept, and we will work to see that your settlement is fair and right for your future. When an issue cannot be resolved by agreement, you can be sure that you will have strong, effective representation in court.

Family law problems have a way of making people feel alone. You are not.

Contact our offices to learn more about our common sense approach to family law practice: we focus on helping you get the best possible outcome. We offer a free one-hour consultation. You will find us easy to talk to, sympathetic and ready to give you a clear explanation of the process ahead. Most important, you will know that there truly is a lawyer out there who is ready to take your side.